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The journey from being a lyricist that was producing conscious hip-hop to now being a motivational speaker that produces empowerment speeches over epic instrumentals has been extremely rewarding. The reason why it's been rewarding is because of the impact that the content that I produce is having on my community. Whether you're in Canada, United States, South America, or even Europe, the feedback that I receive from the speeches that I write has been absolutely heartwarming. Well, now that I have a compilation out for your enjoyment, I would like to invite you to subscribe to the VIP membership option where you will receive all of our videos, weekly speeches, and inspirational content consistently in your inbox! There's an unlimited amount of content to share with you, and I am so pleased to have your support. Join the VIP membership and let's build a tribe of leaders that want to impact global humanity together.

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Marcos Mendosa
Toronto, Ontario
I aim to impact you positively through the content I create.
- 2x Public Speaking Champion
- Self-Taught Pianist
- Previous National Manager at the Think and Grow Rich Institute
- Certified Personal Empowerment Coach

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