Persistence featuring Tony Robbins (Fan Favourite)

from by Marcos Mendosa

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I really can’t resist/
I’m destined to persist
the reasons on this list are as vast as every wish
every thought I’ve ever had
every moment I've been sad
all the moments I've been mad
They've led me to this track/

unleashing from a trap that I believed that had me down
all these years that I’ve been playing had me thinking I'm a clown
a hip-hop persona that could never resonate
nobody ever thought to buy
all they said was hi and bye
left me broken with these wings that were never meant to fly
every question that I asked was determined to demise
I was always asking how when I should have been asking why
but now the times have changed and I’ve found a way to fly

questioning myself,
digging deep for some help
making an effort to decide whether the cards have been dealt
should I apply all this faith
trust this is fate?
a subconscious trust;
what's it take to be great?

There’s a higher power being that’s been channeling my soul
helping people in this world realize all of their goals
just believe that there is more
your power
one source
you can have it all
stay steady on your course
ride hard through the wind like you’re straddling a horse
get a good firm grip you're a Jedi with this force
if you don’t believe it yet
this is life don’t forget it
every decision that you make is a choice
don’t regret it
there’s a cause to all effect and it’s governed by the laws of a universal power that deserves an applause
the law of compensation
the law of gravity
the laws of substitution
ignorance is tragedy
get with the program
This life is what you make it
I get that you’re stuck with these trials and tribulations
There's a God on your side you will not be forsaken
consider all these thoughts and align with your greatness/

Do you wanna know why you're lacking in achievements? Want to know the enemies that conquer your determination and will power? Here, I'll make it easy for you so you can become aware of some of the symptoms that cause a lack of persistence in your life...

First off, you're probably failing to recognize and clearly define exactly what it is that you want. You probably know this; 98% of the planet are not clear on what it is that they want to achieve. Second of all, considering you may not already know what you want, imagine the amount of procrastination that you apply in your life on a daily basis while you try to complete and accomplish goals that have no definite chief aim to begin with. Third, your ego is probably getting in the way of allowing you to acquire specialized knowledge. What do I mean by this? Well, you probably think that you know it all, and if you do, then you're ignoring the abundance of resources that are available to assist you in getting you closer to your goals. Should I continue? These are just three, but there are many, many more. Here, I'll break it down real simple for you.

Indecision, the habit of relying upon alibis instead of creating definite plans for the solutions of your problems, self-satisfaction, indifference, habit of blaming others for your mistakes, weakness of desire, lack of organize plans, habit of neglecting to move on ideas, wishing instead of willing, the habit of compromising with poverty instead of aiming at the abundance of riches that are available to you, and last but not least, let's talk about the fear of criticism.

Imagine developing a mindset that is committed to persisting against all of these enemies that block you on the path towards your success. No matter what, no matter what, if you persist against the allowance of these mental blocks, you will find yourself making incredible strides.

Plus, consider this, imagine what you'll learn as you plow through all of these challenges that you face along the way to your success. You'll be essentially unstoppable. UN-STOPPABLE!

And not only that, you'll be able to guide others on how to apply accurate thinking through your persistence so that they can learn The mental techniques that you've developed. It's a beautiful thing this thing called persistence.

It's totally available to you, but you have to persist through, you have to plow through. If you think that you're going to make it without persisting towards your goals, then, my friends, you're sadly mistaken.

So what are you going to do?

You're going to persist. Not because you have to, but because you must.

With love,
Marcos Mendosa
Speech Writer & Founder
LifeStream Soundtracks

"Creating the Soundtrack Of Your Life."


from She Is Bonus Pack, released December 15, 2016




Marcos Mendosa Toronto, Ontario

I aim to impact you positively through the content I create.
- 2x Public Speaking Champion
- Self-Taught Pianist
- Previous National Manager at the Think and Grow Rich Institute
- Certified Personal Empowerment Coach
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